60s Pop & Garage / Freakbeat .

Various 'Wild Things - Social End Products of the World Unite!' LP

Various 'Wild Things - Social End Products of the World Unite!' LP
Pre-order. Due 15th June.

16 Kiwi freakbeat nuggets from 1966 to 1968. In mid 1966 John Harris of the Bluestars penned NZ's first punk single released by Allied International in September 1966. Now considered the holy grail of NZ freakbeat and sixties punk, the single is coveted by collectors of the genre worldwide. This was not the only 45 from NZ that encapsulated the following ... a defiant attitude, fuzzed out guitars, dandied up in the latest fashions of the day, topped off (usually) with the longest tresses. Originally released in 1992 on Flying Nun - this 2018 volume is the redux 26th Anniversary Wild Things collection of out of control, filthy and fuzzy mayhem from the ‘bottom’ of the world (Just ask Keith Richards and Viv Prince -both NZ tourists in 1965). Kiwi teens out ‘prettying the Pretty Things with the Mod-ish fercocity of The Who and strong doses of Beck and Page–ish rave up isms. Armed with locally manufactured guitars and amplifiers overdriven through home-made fuzz boxes. These 16 skullbusting mashers were recorded under basic conditions in primitive studios. All in mono. Transferred from master tape. Inserts included. Compiled by John Baker.


Catalogue number: VOSTOK01LP

Condition: New

Label: Vostok