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Caterina Barbieri 'Patterns Of Consciousness' 2xLP

Caterina Barbieri 'Patterns Of Consciousness' 2xLP

Patterns Of Consciousness is the powerful second full length from analog synth composer Caterina Barbieri. Highly recommended to fans of Alessandro Cortini and Eleh; Barbieri can be seen/heard/felt live at major electronic music events across Europe and beyond.
Gorgeous high resolution analog textures and algorithmic melodies unfold under Barbieri's careful control, exploring the basic nature of sound and consciousness. These pieces are minimal in arrangement but maximal in presence asserting Barbieri as a unique voice in contemporary electronic music composition.

Music produced by Caterina Barbieri between September 2015 and January 2016. Mixed at EMS (Elektronmusikstudion) in Stockholm (SE). ER - 101 Indexed Quad Sequencer, Verbos Harmonic Oscillator.


1. This Causes the Consciousness to Fracture / 14'40'' 2. TCTCTF / 7'57'' 3. Information Needed to Create and Entire Body / 6'32'' 4. INTCAEB / 9'18'' 5. Scratches on the Readable Surface / 5'51'' 6. SOTRS / 9'27''


Catalogue number: IMPREC449

Condition: New

Label: Important Records

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