Asian Dub Foundation 'Rafi's Revenge: 20th Anniversary Edition' 2xLP

Asian Dub Foundation 'Rafi's Revenge: 20th Anniversary Edition' 2xLP
“Right here, right now ADF are the most important band in Britain.” - NME (1997)

‘Rafi’s Revenge’ originally peaked at Number 20 on the UK Albums Chart and was shortlisted for the 1998 Mercury Music Prize, with Bobby Gillespie hailing them at the time as “the best live act in Britain.”

This 21 year anniversary reissue includes bonus tracks selected by Adrian Sherwood.

By the time they recorded ‘Rafi’s Revenge’ in 1998, Asian Dub Foundation were primed to explode. Having initially emerged from East London’s grassroots Community Music project as a largely studio-based collective, the band had galvanised themselves into a riotously exciting touring machine by the late Nineties. Their extraordinary live shows around this period were electrifying to witness, kinetic and dynamic, incendiary and euphoric, confrontational yet celebratory. For sheer roof-raising energy, they were unrivalled.

Of course ADF have evolved enormously over the last two decades but their breakthrough album remains a fascinating chapter in the real, complex, unwritten history of Britpop. Expanded and enlarged for this anniversary edition, these multi-layered musical treasures still dazzle and delight with their grandiose ambition and riotous energy.

White double vinyl format includes a CD featuring the bonus material inserted in the packaging. Gatefold sleeve and inner- sleeves printed on reversed cardboard. 4-page 30cm insert.

Band to play ‘Rafi’s Revenge’ gig at Rich Mix in London on the 28th of March in celebration of the anniversary.
ADF will also be part of the major Music & Immigration exhibition in Paris and London.


Catalogue number: LMS5521230

Condition: New

Label: London Records

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