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Alexander Tucker 'Don't Look Away' LP

Alexander Tucker 'Don't Look Away' LP
Limited indies only 'Coke Bottle Clear' vinyl.

‘Don’t Look Away’ is Alexander Tucker’s third album with Thrill Jockey, completing what Tucker views as the final piece to a trilogy that began with ‘Dorwytch’ (2011) and ‘Third Mouth’ (2012).

Alexander Tucker is a member of Grumbling Fur - his duo with Daniel O’Sullivan - and has established his own comic imprint, UNDIMENSIONED. The album cover for ‘Don’t Look Away’ was designed by Tucker and showcases his hand-cut collage technique.

Tucker’s music brings a distinct otherworldliness, bringing the listener beyond the confines of the physical world and, much like the album cover alludes to, collages together sound that both brings you outside the atmosphere whilst simultaneously connecting you more closely to the seeds of existence. It is in this direction that Tucker continues to carve a position as one of Britain’s most forward-thinking songwriters.

“Simultaneously beautiful and uncanny” - Mojo

“Alexander Tucker may not make folk music, but he can weave a magic spell.” - The Quietus

“Alexander Tucker is making some of the finest music in Britain today” - A Closer Listen

“Alexander Tucker constructs surreal landscapes out of the most natural materials” - Dusted


Catalogue number: THRILL469LPX

Condition: New

Label: Thrill Jockey