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Dadisi Komolafe 'Hassan's Walk' LP

Dadisi Komolafe 'Hassan's Walk' LP

Released back in 1983, this jazz outfit from California takes us on a journey through time and space; back to the late 60s and very early 70s, into the spiritual realms of greats like John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, John McLaughlin and Miles Davis. If it weren't for the modern sounds of the keyboard and bass you'd be sure it was a lost modal LP from those halcyon days. Listening to it with far over 30 years distance, it easily stands the test of time, turning out to be one of those mind bending gems with an ever pulsating flow of magic being transferred into music. With the addition of a lead guitar this could rival everything the Mahavishnu Orchestra ever released, but there is no need for guitars when you have a piano player going crazy and a rhythm section that seems to dance the Saint Vitus dance with each other. Utterly tight and perfectly performed, each note and each beat sit exactly where they belong. Rather than the free flowing lines of modal jazz, "Hassan's Walk" drifts through fragments of melody, immersing us in a scared, spiritual fever dream. What Miles Davis started 24 years earlier culminates in the sheer musical eruption of this album. Recommended for any fan of spiritual jazz. Far out.


Catalogue number: PMG004LP

Condition: New

Label: PMG