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Angelo De Augustine 'Toil and Trouble' LP

Angelo De Augustine 'Toil and Trouble' LP

The fourth solo album from Angelo De Augustine, ‘Toil and Trouble’ exists according to its own quixotic logic, inhabiting a psychic landscape as sublimely mystifying as a fever dream or fairy tale.
In creating such an all-enveloping body of work, the Southern California-based artist spent nearly three years working alone and exploring the vast expanse of his imagination. “This album came from thinking about the madness of the world right now and how overwhelming that can be,” says De Augustine. “I used a sort of counter-world as a guide to try to gain some understanding of what’s actually going on here - I had to take myself out of reality in order to try to understand reality.”
At turns bewitching and devastating and ineffably lovely, the result is the most visionary work yet from a singular songwriter, revealing his profound capacity to alchemize pain into extraordinary beauty.
“In the dizzying chime of his careful fingerpicking and high-pitched howls, De Augustine captures love’s bright blaze.” - Pitchfork
“This is a remarkable, quietly powerful, and astoundingly beautiful album from an artist who now deserves to take his place among his influences.” - Under the Radar
Artwork by Daniel Anum Jasper.
LP pressed on gold vinyl.
Catalogue number: AKR152LP-C1
Condition: New
Label: Asthmatic Kitty

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