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Beans On Toast 'Knee Deep In Nostalgia' LP

Beans On Toast 'Knee Deep In Nostalgia' LP
Pre-order. Due 11th December.

Friendship, peers, society and community all coalesce on 'Knee Deep in Nostalgia', the new album from Beans on Toast, released on his 40th birthday, produced by pal and peer, Frank Turner.‘Knee Deep In Nostalgia’ is released as Beans hits his 40th birthday. As with reaching any milestone, comes a time of looking back and taking stock of where you are now and just how you got there. Regardless of how this year panned out in the end, 2020 would always have been a year of reflection for Beans and it's something that played an integral part in the making of his latest album. It’s no secret that Beans on Toast and Frank Turner go way back. In fact, Frank has even said that it was Beans that nudged him towards picking up the acoustic guitar back while hanging out at the North London boozer Nambucca. Since then their friendship has remained solid and Beans has happily surfed on the coattails of Frank’s rise to Folk/Rock stardom; opening for him on many a tour, festival stages, arena shows and even (more recently) socially-distanced shows. 

For what will be Beans’ 12th studio record, an album that revels in friendship, family and the fondest of memories; given such shared history, Frank was a natural choice to produce it. Like a This Is Your Life Beans on Toast special, ‘Knee Deep In Nostalgia’ finds Beans strolling down memory lane and pausing for thought on some of the unforgettable experiences along the way. From songs harking back to the good old days of the “The Village Disco”, to personal thanks to a “Favourite Teacher” from Beans’ Essex secondary School. Reflecting on his formative years, there’s nods to the misadventures of being “Young and Thirsty” and epic reminiscence about the infamous Camden Town scene of the noughties of which Beans was a familiar part of (on the 7+ minute “Once upon a Time”). Bookending a life defined by music, “Album of the Day” brings listeners right up to date with a perfect pop ballad about Beans sharing music with his cherished daughter.While proudly nostalgic, it’s decidedly not a concept album. Songs like “What Would Willie Do?” (a classic country cut in homage to the great Wille Nelson), “Your Old Mate Beano” (a colourful celebration of our Australian cousins) and “The Family Tree” (ruminations on humanity and its responsibilities to the planet); see Beans finding fresh perspective on some of the influences and themes that have shaped his catalogue to date. 

The album calls in favours with a number of old friends including Beans’ old pal Bobby Banjo, keys impresario Tensheds, Flogging Molly’s Matt Hensley, The Red Clay Halo’s Anna Jenkins, plus Frank’s Sleeping Soul’s bandmate Matt Nasir as well as vocalist/guitarist Guise (AKA Frank’s wife Jessica Guise); the record glows with a full-band feel and flourishes of pedal steel guitar, blues piano and even a full blown sax solo. 


Condition: New

Label: BOT Music

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