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Daniela Lalita ‘Trececerotres’ 12"

Daniela Lalita ‘Trececerotres’ 12"
Pre-order. Due 7th October.

Daniela Lalita’s debut EP, ‘Trececerotres’, is released on Young. A direct reference to the apartment - 1303 - in Peru where Lalita grew up with her mother and grandmother, ‘Trececerotres’ is rooted in magic, ritual, healing and the matrilineal relationship.
Every song on ‘Trececerotres’ feels like a different mode of ancestral channelling. The Peruvian creative - whose practice spans music, costume design, film, performance and fine art - stretches her voice into raw guttural depths, reaching brutally emotional heights throughout the record to startling effect.
A testament to a childhood talent of learning to do different voices for TV commercials as her first job, Lalita’s vocal distortions mesh together with drums, gnashing electronica and esoteric glossolalia to craft a sound both modern and mystical.
Working with the Buchla synth, Lalita found a world without limitations of traditional scales, the instrument provided boundless experimentation for the artist whose practice of recording and layering vocals were implemented in the production of ‘Trececerotres’ to craft a multiplicity of sonic worlds.
Available to independent retailers on 12” black vinyl.


Catalogue number: YO258T

Condition: New

Label: Young

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