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Early Day Miners 'Placer Found (20th Anniversary)' 2xLP

Early Day Miners 'Placer Found (20th Anniversary)' 2xLP

Placer Found establishes the sonic and emotional palette that would come to define Dan Burton's work as Early Day Miners. This is music that rewards patience, and reveals itself more with each listen. There's a deep clarity within the soft focus - equal parts lost and found.

This new 20th anniversary edition brings it all back to the proverbial start, as it is being released on the Bloomington label Secretly Canadian which championed Ativin from the beginning and quickly became a home for Early Day Miners after the initial Western Vinyl release of Placer Found. The two unreleased instrumental tracks on side D are fascinating glimpses into creative paths not taken. Prospect Refuge is a delicious slice of posi-vibes math-rock, while the taut, vaguely ominous Blue Casino makes an entirely different song out of a riff later utilized for the standout Jefferson from the band's 2003 Jefferson at Rest LP.

Condition: New

Label: Secretly Canadian

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