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Georgia 'Seeking Thrills' LP

Georgia 'Seeking Thrills' LP

Limited indies only red vinyl.

Georgia’s new album, ‘Seeking Thrills’, is a musically daring story of hedonism, self-discovery and, above all, the transcendental power of the dancefloor.
The North West Londoner has been on a long, dazzling journey since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album in 2015. Her first self-titled collection of percussive, punk-inflected pop songs was lauded by The Guardian, Vice, The FADER and others - but nobody predicted the about turn she would make when she returned with two rough-hewn diamonds of house music in 2019.
Heavyweight vinyl with 16-page booklet and digital download code.
Available to independent retailers on red heavyweight vinyl with 16-page booklet and digital download code. Bonus track on CD and the digital download that comes with the LP formats.



Catalogue number: WIGLP384X

Condition: New

Label: Domino

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