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Sonic Youth 'Simon Werner A Disparu' LP

Sonic Youth 'Simon Werner A Disparu' LP

In Spring 2010, Sonic Youth gathered at their Echo Canyon West studio in Hoboken, New Jersey, to watch the rushes of a new film, Simon Werner A Disparu, by French director Fabrice Gobert. They spent the following few weeks recording music which was then shaped as needed to fit the various scenes. For this release, rather than present the small clips of music as used in the film, the band went back in the autumn to the original tapes and reorganised the various pieces for this original soundtrack release, sometimes montaging multiple tracks together, other times extending cues into new sonic realms.

The film premiered at Cannes in May 2010 and opened nationwide in France. Original soundtrack inspired by French director Fabrice Gobert’s latest film.

Catalogue number: SYR9LP

Condition: New

Label: SYR

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