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Unloved 'Heartbreak' LP

Unloved 'Heartbreak' LP
“Sometimes it’s hard to say how you feel,” says songwriter-vocalist Jade Vincent. “These songs are vulnerable stories for me to tell - they’re things I couldn’t say out loud. But I found that I could sing them. And then I closed my eyes when they would listen.”

Listening to Vincent’s songs were her partner - producer/composer Keefus Ciancia - and DJ and producer/composer David Holmes. Together, Vincent, Ciancia and Holmes make up Unloved, the musical project that evolved out of a late-night Hollywood bar in 2015, releasing a stunning debut album the following spring and this year crafting the soundtrack to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s acclaimed new series ‘Killing Eve’.

Introduced to Ciancia through soundtrack work, Holmes found himself invited to DJ one night and to curate other nights at the Rotary Room. To invite Holmes to DJ is to unleash a kind of whirling dervish of musical enthusiasm but through those nights the trio discovered a shared love for 60s girl groups and French pop and film noir soundtracks, Brigitte Fontaine, Shuggie Otis, George ‘Shadow’ Morton, Bruno Nicolai, Lee Hazlewood and Jack Nitzsche, along with a tremendous desire to work together.

Their debut EP - ‘Guilty Of Love’ - and the full-length, self-titled album that followed in the spring of 2016, offered a quite remarkable thing: a sound at once hauled out of the silty depths of the past and simultaneously wholly modern. There was the soft hiss of a lo-fidelity recording - the murky crackle of sample, beats and half-remembered, long-lost favourite tunes. However, much of the songs’ success belonged to Vincent’s sublime voice and lyrics, both possessed of an aching, rich-smoked tone of loss and love.

Unloved’s second album, ‘Heartbreak’, is about love. The album plays out each song like a vignette of nothing but love. The songs that rose up were in some ways surprising, but also felt insistent. “They’re real feelings and real experiences that I had the guts to finally say, but always ambiguous, this is very important to me,” she explains, “and always about love, one way or another.”

LP pressed on red coloured vinyl with digital download code.


Catalogue number: HVNLP162C

Condition: New

Label: Heavenly