Anouar Brahem 'Le Pas Du Chat Noir' 2xLP

Anouar Brahem 'Le Pas Du Chat Noir' 2xLP
First time on vinyl!


”Hypnotic, magnetic new album by Anouar Brahem which adds a new dimension to our knowledge of this exceptional Tunisian musician. ‘Le pas du chat noir’ gives the clearest indication yet of the work of Brahem as composer and features a spacious ‘chamber music’ that resonates with the freshness of improvisation. The instrumentation is unique: oud, piano, accordion. Brahem’s writing for this combination is highly evocative, meticulously controlled and sparse. Half of the
magic, as he notes, resides in the not-played, in the marvellous mingling of
overtones, sounds that rise from the piano to blend with the warm tones of the
oud and the breath of the accordion’s bellows.” Songlines Top of the World (Editor’s choice)

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