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Carnage 'Dark Recollections' LP

Carnage 'Dark Recollections' LP
A classic death metal album – a must have for any genre aficionados. Associated with mega star metal artists such as Carcass, Arch Enemy and Entombed. Without question, Dark Recollections has stood the test of time. A pioneering death metal record which remains a staple in the collections of those who follow the genre. A bonafide must-have record. Now available in full dynamic range on vinyl featuring iconic artwork by legendary British illustrator Dan Seagrave. Indeed, a record which helped propel Swedish death metal further out of the shadows and into the mainstream. The band followed in the steps of legendary artists Tiamat and fellow Earache stablemates Entombed in recording at now the infamous Sunlight Studios in Stockholm. From their grindcore roots, Carnage, all under 20 years old at the time – unwittingly united chainsaw riffage, melodic solos and guttural Death Metal vocals to create a genre defining record. Disbanding before the record was ever released, the members of Carnage have crept into metal folklore, with Michael Arnott momentarily joining Carcass ahead of forming legendary metal band Arch Enemy and Matti Karki went on to join Dismember alongside drummer Fred Estby. Death Metal at it’s purest and rawest, designed to play at it’s loudest.


Catalogue number: 0817195021105

Condition: New

Label: Earache

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