Record Store Day Black Friday 2019

Kungens Men 'Hart Som Ben' LP

Kungens Men 'Hart Som Ben' LP
Pink vinyl.

Kungens Man hail from Stockholm, Sweden and have been around as a musical unit since 2012. Their inspiration comes from the drone, the rattle of the loose screw, the circuit failure of the effects, the phatness of the moog and from the very diverse wiring of a bunch of middle aged Swedish freaks. Kungens Män never plan the next musical move - it presents itself. Nine months after their acclaimed album Chef (also released on Riot Season) the band return with Hårt Som Ben, a stunning follow up with a debut UK tour to coincide.

In between watching VHS tapes with Twin Peaks, Miles Davis and Roskilde Festival 92, cooking pasta, sleeping in bunk beds, Bruce Bannering shirts and chilling in the sun, Kungens Man managed to record about 13 hours of music. Some of it will never reach your ears, but here’s the first slab made public – Hart som ben – Hard As Bone. Not very hard, that is.

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