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Alessandro Alessandroni 'La Terrificante Notte Del Demonio' LP

Alessandro Alessandroni 'La Terrificante Notte Del Demonio' LP


Directed by Patrice Romme, THE DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE was an Italian-Belgian production and featured main performers Jean Servais alongside a sensual Erika Blanc; also worthy of note is the disturbing presence of the graceful and filiform silhouette of Daniel Emilfork in the role of Satan. The film's components are typical of the Euro-horror genre of the time: a Gothic castle, eroticism, and bloody murders…all in a spectral and dense photograph.

It is the music of Maestro Alessandro Alessandroni, who needs no introduction, to indelibly mark the listener, starting with the hypnotic, psychedelic opening theme to which the harpsichord and his faithful Fender Stratocaster add the acid and fuzz, overlapping the silly wordless vocals of his companion Giulia De Mutiis.

In the ranking of the 100 best horror soundtracks compiled by THE FACT Magazine, THE DEVIL'S NIGHTMARE is ranked 9th

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