100% Pure Poison 'Windy C Collection' 2x7"

100% Pure Poison 'Windy C Collection' 2x7"
Limited 2x7" on Dynamite Cuts.
This holly grail album has been transformed into a 45s collection. Dynamite Cuts releases a high quality limited edition 1000 copies double pack 2x7” release which gives you 4 of those masterpieces from that album. two never before on 7” vinyl all of the most in-demand tracks.


Track A1 – “Windy C” this amazing track that delivers a funky melodic bass groove and great arrangement - Full length version.

Track B2 – “Puppet on a chain” first time on 7” this under rated soul track, gets me every time.


Track A1 - “No more city, no more country” this track has been edits to fit for the first time on 7”, another funky gem, fav.

Track B2 - “Hole in my shoes” my favourite track from the album. Killer groove and vocals so happy it’s a 7” now for the first time.


Condition: New

Label: Dynamite Cuts

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