Beach Slang 'Everything Matters But No One Is Listening' LP

Beach Slang 'Everything Matters But No One Is Listening' LP

Limited indies only coloured vinyl.

Since Beach Slang came into being, bandleader James Alex has taken to performing his group's heartfelt anthems as more intimate solo renditions. Appropriately dubbed "Quiet Slang," these alternate reality versions of Beach Slang's music have now simultaneously been stripped down and fleshed out in the studio to include piano and cello. Following on from the recent We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags EP, Quiet Slang now bring you a full album of such songs - 'Everything Matters But No One Is Listening'.


1. Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas [Quiet Slang]
2. Noisy Heaven [Quiet Slang]
3. Future Mixtape For The Art Kids [Quiet Slang]
4. Filthy Luck [Quiet Slang]
5. Dirty Cigarettes [Quiet Slang]
6. Too Late To Die Young [Quiet Slang]
7. Spin The Dial [Quiet Slang]
8. Young Hearts [Quiet Slang]
9. Throwaways [Quiet Slang]
10. Warpaint [Quiet Slang]

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