Black Lodge 'Bitter Blood: A Collection Of Archival Recordings' LP

Black Lodge 'Bitter Blood: A Collection Of Archival Recordings' LP
Indies exclusive LP.

Who is Black Lodge? Rumours: records on Mo’Wax and The Trilogy Tapes, part of an occult Northern Soul collective, is a member of the shadowy Gescom, Manchester pirate radio DJ, graffiti artist, Autechre sleeve designer, gong player.

Hot on the heels of a 12” (via Warp Records’ recently relaunched dance imprint Arcola) containing a lost slice of leftfield electro, comes this collection on a very different tip, collated from the extensive Lodgewars tape archive. Spectral sound sketches that smudge the edges of ambient, post-punk and industrial, harsh tape hiss buffered by spooling coils of melody, recorded in the upstairs room of a Manchester pub.

Sonic futurism from the council estate. Genuinely British invention. Fuzz of white noise. Weekend over. Ushering the fall of house. The rarest of sounds, the best of times guaranteed. Compulsory membership: given in recognition to the cause.

Housed in an enigmatic all black sleeve with all black labels. Sticker on overwrap with tracklist and credits.


Catalogue number: DISC1

Condition: New

Label: Disciple