Bonny Light Horseman ‘Green/Green’ 7"

Bonny Light Horseman ‘Green/Green’ 7"
The timeless qualities of traditional tunes can carry us across oceans and eons, linking us not only to the past but to each other as well. It was under the banner of those eternal connections that the trio of Bonny Light Horseman came together. From festival fields and a German art hub to a snowy upstate studio and everywhere in between, the astral folk outfit - comprised of Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats, The Shins) and Josh Kaufman (The National, Bob Weir) - mixes the ancient, mystical medium of traditional folk music with a contemporary, collective brush.

Their self-titled debut was an elusive kind of sonic event: a bottled blend of lightning and synergy that will excite fans of multiple genres, eras and ages. They follow that up with the ‘Green/Green’ 7”, featuring two songs that didn’t quite fit on the album. Says Mitchell, “We recorded ‘Green Rocky Road’ and ‘Greenland Fishery’ for our LP, but ended up cutting them at the last minute to keep the record simpler (and higher quality for vinyl). We see the songs as a bit of a pair, they both feature Eric’s banjo playing and lean a little more ‘Americana’. We’re glad they have a home on ‘Green/Green’ and are grateful to be able to share music at a time when the world is hurting.”
“Bonny Light Horseman mix traditional music and modern composition in ways that are really swooningly rendered and out of time. The seams in the way they’ve stitched those worlds together don’t show at all. They move beautifully between the two. Gorgeous” - NPR Music
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