Brainwaltzera 'Aescoba EP' LP

Brainwaltzera 'Aescoba EP' LP

The anonymous producer, whose work has has already received online approval from legendary british IDM auteur Aphex Twin, offers up an extended EP for the berlin based imprint.

In 2015 a soundcloud profile under the name user18081971 - now identified as belonging to richard d. james, commented on curious brainwaltzera upload quilat spring 1 [outtake]. the move prompted speculation as to who exactly is behind the music. exquisitely produced and executed in such fine fashion so as to decry pure imitation - there’s plenty to theorise here.

Regardless of their true creator - which will undoubtedly remain a secret for the time being, the compositions on FILM006 are of similarly high calibre. Varied in approach and marrying both electronic & acoustic elements with ease, the six tracks that comprise the record range from yearning ambient segues and dreamy down tempo grooves to otherworldly krautrock and more direct, dance floor fare - but remain bound tight as a cohesive and functional body of work by a glorious, arcane musicality. whether weaving soft electronic tones in and amongst snappy breaks or detuned drum-machine strikes, the artist’s ear for acoustic harmony is perhaps the pervading theme across the six tracks that make up aescoba, marking it out as an excellent addition to the FILM label’s growing catalogue.


A1: poly_ana summers [schoolyard surph beat]
A2: 10 muddy_puddle Trot
A3: duel TM

B1: 17 acetonia [au pied de cochon aescoba]
B2: ghaint [berl] with detro[id]
B3: 6 aucun Christ W


Catalogue number: FILM006

Condition: New

Label: Film

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