Bruce Dickinson 'Tyranny Of Souls' 2xLP

Bruce Dickinson 'Tyranny Of Souls' 2xLP


Tyranny of Souls is a heavy metal album released by Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson in May 2005. The cover art is a work by renaissance artist Hans Memling. It is his first solo album since rejoining Iron Maiden in 1999 and his most recent studio album as a solo artist.

The songwriting on the album was split between Roy Z and Dickinson. During composition, Roy sent recordings of riffs to Dickinson, who was on tour with Iron Maiden. Dickinson subsequently wrote lyrics and melodies. Roy also served as the album's producer and played all guitar parts as well as some supplemental bass guitar and piano parts.


Catalogue number: 4050538288612

Condition: New

Label: Sanctuary Records