C.W. Stoneking 'Gon' Boogaloo' LP

C.W. Stoneking 'Gon' Boogaloo' LP

Christopher William "C.W." Stoneking (born 1974) is an Australian blues singer-songwriter, revivalists of bygone music lend themselves to nostalgia, cabaret and twee fetishisation of the past. It’s a rare act who eludes this trap; CW Stoneking is one with a flair for making old-timey sounds into party music for the present.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Gone are the sepia-toned tales of marooned adventures in the tropics of his last release, the ARIA Award winning Jungle Blues, this time replaced with the latest invention in the world of C.W. Stoneking, electricity! C.W. has stashed his afore-favoured vintage National guitar and banjo combo for a shiny gold Fender and an extra large helping of rock ‘n’ gospel dancehall blues to deliver 12 tracks recorded directly to tape with his full band, his very own hokum wall of sound.


Catalogue number: KHR03LP

Condition: New

Label: King Hokum Records

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