C.W. Stoneking 'Jungle Blues' LP

C.W. Stoneking 'Jungle Blues' LP
Christopher William "C.W." Stoneking (born 1974) is an Australian blues singer-songwriter, revivalists of bygone music lend themselves to nostalgia, cabaret and twee fetishisation of the past. It’s a rare act who eludes this trap; CW Stoneking is one with a flair for making old-timey sounds into party music for the present.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ranging from full-blown jungle epics to desolate guitar and singing-country-blues, the album tells the Jungle Blues story from all sides.

Opening with the title track, 'Jungle Blues' invokes the tale of a poor shipwrecked soul stranded in the jungles of darkest Africa. What follows are hair-raising stories that will haunt your dreams, and voodoo tunes evoking memorable scenes from the world of the jungle.


Catalogue number: KHR02LP

Condition: New

Label: King Hokum Records

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