Carl Dawkins 'I'll Make It Up / Hot and Sticky' 7"

Carl Dawkins 'I'll Make It Up / Hot and Sticky' 7"

The highly sought after “I’ll Make It Up” was previously released as B side to One Dollar Of Music, an instrumental also by Carl Dawkins on Duke DU-3 in 1968. This heavy weight early Reggay beauty is a very special tune with its high pitch vocals, crashing drums, shuffling organ and syncopated rhythm, all this with subtle psychedelic undertones, Jamaican way of course. This is a truly outstanding track, expensive and nearly impossible to find.

On the B side, the brilliant “Hot And Sticky” was previously released on Rio R138 in 1967 as B side to The Rulers “Be Mine” and was also produced by the Jamaican reggae producer, J.J. Johnson.

The aptly named “Hot And Sticky” is a heavy, raw, relentless Rocksteady track. It is Rocksteady at its best and very representative of Carl’s production at that time. This rare track has never been repressed on 7” vinyl and is a perfect B side for this killer double sider.

Condition: New

Label: Harlem Shuffle

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