Charles Watson 'YES' LP

Charles Watson 'YES' LP

London based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Charles Watson today announces his second album YES, released via Moshi Moshi Records. To mark the announce Charles shares ‘Figure Skater’, the second track to be taken from the new album following ‘Afghan Hound’ in November.

“’Figure Skater’ started as a bit of an experiment,” explains Charles. “I was trying to match the acoustic guitar sounds from Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ at half speed (if you haven’t heard it…it's on YouTube). Dolly’s voice is down an octave…it’s magical. I found myself just dropping in on it every now and again. When it actually came to writing a song it turned into something totally different but that was where the thing started. When we got to the studio the idea was to try and simplify the demo and make it as sparse as possible. We anchored the whole thing around drums, bass and Wurlitzer which ended up being the starting point for a lot of the record. I was lucky enough to have Rosa Slade, Rozi Plain, Katy Beth Young, Naomi Hammerton and Susie Merry down to sing with me. The lyrics have a kind of darkness to them and I wanted it to sound like one huge strange voice. We all had frozen margaritas and vibed the hell out.” 

Not all new starts offer a fresh beginning. 

While it might seem branching out with a solo album after a decade in a band would provide that clean start, in reality, more time must pass before the real change, movement and progress can occur. “With the last record (Now That I’m a River, 2018), I didn’t really know what I was doing - I just wanted to make something that felt like me,” reflects Charles, as he prepares to release his second solo album YES. 


Condition: New

Label: Moshi Moshi

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