Chiminyo 'I Am Chiminyo' 12"

Chiminyo 'I Am Chiminyo' 12"
Tim Doyle is a drummer and percussionist for a host of vital acts from the current London Jazz scene (Maisha, Theon Cross).

Chiminyo is his electronic solo project and, after a year on the club and festival circuit in the UK, Gearbox are excited to launch his debut release.

Chiminyo introduces a novel process to his music making. Live drums and electronics are nothing new but Chiminyo’s self-designed, self-coded software allows him to trigger samples and manipulate the electronics as he plays. This creates fascinating opportunities for collaborators and also makes each performance unique.

His breathless, ingenious style is most definitely Chiminyo’s own and this 3-track debut EP is a brilliant introduction to his sound.

For fans of LTJ Bukem, Squarepusher, DJ Shadow, Flying Lotus, Heliocentrics.

Produced by Ben Hayes. Mastered by Darrel Sheinman and Caspar Sutton-Jones at Gearbox Records.


Catalogue number: GB1553

Condition: New

Label: Gearbox