Consumer Electronics 'The Weight / Hostility Blues' 7"

Consumer Electronics 'The Weight / Hostility Blues' 7"
Two all-new studio tracks by the experimental electronic trio of Philip Best, Sarah Froelich and producer Russell Haswell. Limited edition ‘album-style’ picture sleeve with printed card inner sleeve containing full lyrics to both tracks. It’s late 2018. President’s Health Club, USA. Time to plot a hazy progress from Al’s Spa Tub Motel to the Free Speech Cafe before termination at Pilgrim Drugs. Sahara Sue’s been diagnosed with ‘Closing Down Syndrome’ and has retreated ghost-like to a queasy mirage of bleached-out condos and multi-lane freeways basking under great wheels of light. Long hours in dim warehouses scanning shelves and trying not to notice the declining shadow or gathering rot on display. Airless back rooms piled high with stacks of handwritten pages, academic journals and unfathomable tracts - ‘Human Remains Index,’ ‘Keep Christ in Chains,’ ‘Mortuary Therapy Explained.’ Outside the use-of-force team waits primed. She remembers a childhood visit to Atmosphere, the highest restaurant in the world, maybe from up there she did, in fact, look down and see a plan to it all. How blessed and fragile and perfectly planned everything truly was. The floor tips down and away. For the Jane and John Does. PB / Austin, TX 2018

Catalogue number: HARBINGER180

Condition: New

Label: Harbinger Sound

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