DJ Cam 'Underground Vibes' LP

DJ Cam 'Underground Vibes' LP
White vinyl.
Released in 1994 on his own label, the first record of Laurent Daumail aka DJ Cam brings a French response to the hip hop experimentations that are beginning to spread around the world.
At the time, trip-hop was spreading even though nobody really knew what it really covered. And, in this case, here preferred to refer to his work as abstract hip-hop, meaning that he played a lot more with textures and climates than words to bring his message. In that spirit, DJ Cam mixed in his passion for jazz music, inherited from his father.
In his test tube, Cam tries to fit in the length and melancholia of jazz music plated on rough samples and reinforced by various moving beats and scratches. More than any of his future works, Underground Vibes is characterized by its melodic unity which makes the whole record perfectly homogenous but never monotonous.


Catalogue number: UVN19001

Condition: New

Label: Inflammable