Fat White Family 'Serf's Up'

Fat White Family 'Serf's Up'


Formats available: Limietd gold vinyl LP, black vinyl LP, CD or cassette. Choose your preferred format from the drop down menu.

‘Serfs Up!’ is Fat White Family’s third album and their first for new label Domino. It marks the most gratifying and unexpected creative volte-face in recent musical history. Following an unlikely relocation to Sheffield and joined by co- conspirator Saul Adamczewski, ‘Serfs Up!’ was finished in late 2018 with the help of long-time collaborator Liam D. May and a guest appearance from Baxter Dury.  Where once they soundtracked a grubby Britain of vape shops, Fray Bentos dinners and blackened tin-foil, Fat White Family now inhabit another cosmos entirely. ‘Serfs Up!’ is the product of a band of outlaws reborn. Few but themselves could have
forecast it: Fat White Family survived. Fat White Family got wise. Fat White Family got sophisticated.


Condition: New

Label: Domino

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