Garnet Mimms ‘As Long As I Have You’ 7"

Garnet Mimms ‘As Long As I Have You’ 7"

Pre-order. Due 25th September.


Two versions of this much-loved gem (covered by Led Zeppelin and Roger Daltrey from The Who more recently), ‘As Long As I Have You’ was the title track of Garnet Mimms’ first solo album from 1964 which made a brief appearance as a seven inch and now goes for £500.
The slightly longer ‘Single Version’ made it to demo-only in France in 1967 and is a super rare cut - an edited live version with brass courtesy of The Senate that goes for around £400 if you can find a copy. Remastered here from the original sound source.
Catalogue number: DNSCR010

Condition: New

Label: Deptford Northern Soul Club

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