Ghostpoet 'Shedding Skin' LP (LRS2021)

Ghostpoet 'Shedding Skin' LP (LRS2021)

Pre-order. Due 24th December.

Purple Vinyl

2015 album Shedding Skin is the manifestation of a new challenge of fresh thinking and a brave confident stride into previously uncharted waters. Ten songs that embrace, unite and narrate observations that are designed to sit beside each other through bright peaks and dark shallows. Unlike his previous albums, Shedding Skin was recorded with a traditional live set up with what has become his touring band; Joe Newman on guitar, bass player John Calvert and John Blease on drums. The self-produced album also features guest vocals from Nadine Shah, Etta Bond, Melanie De Biasio, Lucy Rose and Maxïmo Park's Paul Smith, amounting in a collection that sets a new precedent as his very best work yet.

Condition: New

Label: PIAS

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