Gil Scott-Heron 'Free Will' LP

Gil Scott-Heron 'Free Will' LP

A reissue of Gil Scott-Heron's 1972 album taken from the original master tapes. The album is special as one side consists of songs - all but one written with Brian Jackson - and the flipside is of poetry. Both forms showcase the political and the personal, in a way where even the time-specific lyrics transcend their era. Gil and Brian are backed an all-star band consisting of Bernard Purdie, Gerry Jemmott, Hubert Laws and David Spinozza. These help bring out the pathos in the achingly sad 'Did You Hear What They Say' - one of Gil's finest pieces of writing. Gil's final album for Flying Dutchman, it capped a hugely creative period for him when he wrote many of his best-remembered songs. CD - Features alternate takes of all but one of the album tracks as bonus material. It is released in a digipak with in-depth notes.


Catalogue number: HIQLP023

Condition: New

Label: BGP

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