Girl Sweat 'Bad Happenings' LP

Girl Sweat 'Bad Happenings' LP

12” LP w/ Download. Drugged-out noise swirling through the garage spectrum.

GIRL SWEAT is the ever-changing garage-noise project fronted by the 6ft 5” beast that is ‘Sweat’. Originally forming in 2011 as a full band, late-2013 saw the true birth of GIRL SWEAT as a solo venture. A Yamaha 4-track cassette deck full of bass, Casio drums and noise loops accompany his trademark Lap Steel, harsh synths and overdriven, echoed-out vocals- simultaneously destroying the song's line between garage and noise, giving the show an intensity in sound and performance; the ideal purveyor of a groove-infused bad trip. 2015 saw GIRL SWEAT playing a variety of festivals including Liverpool Psych Fest, Releasing two and joining Glasgow's The Cosmic Dead on their U.K tour and 2016 will see Sweat finally deliver his debut LP 'Bad Happenings' on Newcastle heavy-beasts label Box Records and even more to come.


      Catalogue number: BOXREC020LP

      Condition: New

      Label: Box Records