Grand Magus 'Wolf God' LP

Grand Magus 'Wolf God' LP
Their 9th studio album ,‘Wolf God’, rises over the Heavy Metal scene majestically and lets the guitar riffs speak for themselves. The groove and heaviness that were featured on the successful predecessor can also be found on the new, ninth studio album which once again holds a number of future classics. This is joined by a superbly-placed JB whose voice hovers emotionally over the solid musicianship. Crafting melodies, riffs and rhythms that were forged under the overwhelming influence of the likes of Dio, Judas Priest and Manowar, the trio have earnt their place in the throne room of Metal history. No wonder Metal Hammer
consider them the “leaders of the Viking Metal pack”.


Catalogue number: 0727361475413

Condition: New

Label: Nuclear Blast

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