Grouper 'Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill' LP

Grouper 'Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill' LP

* -I held my breath and stared at them until they parted the air around me like a curtain. 

* This is a new reissue of Grouperʼs breakthrough 2008 album which has been out of print on all physical formats for the last few years. 

* Press quotes for Dragging a Dead Deer...: 

“Thereʼs a deeply meditative, almost spiritual beauty to these tracks; a melancholy thatʼs simultaneously strangely hopeful.” Drowned in Sound 

“This remarkable album is actually what I personally always wanted 4AD records to sound like, only they never quite delivered the hazy pleasures their beautiful sleeve art promised.” Pitchfork [8.2]

* “A psych-folk bent for harmonic discord and atmospheric dread finds something forever sinister lodged at the album's heart: thekind of beauty that makes sailors run aground.” Mojo

“More than just a pretty acoustic record, Harris, through Grouper, has created a startlingly vivid and brooding shoegaze gem that works in spite of its length and first impressions.” Sputnik


1.Disengaged  2. Heavy Water/Iʼd Rather Be Sleeping  3. Stuck  4. When We Fall  5. Traveling Through A Sea  6. Fishing Bird (Empty Gutted in the Evening Breeze)  7. Invisible  8. Iʼm Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill  9. A Cover Over  10. Wind and Snow  11. Tidal Wave  12. Weʼve All Gone to Sleep


Catalogue number: KRANK176LP

Condition: New

Label: Kranky

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