Hayden Thorpe ‘Moondust For My Diamond’ LP

Hayden Thorpe ‘Moondust For My Diamond’ LP

Pre-order. Due 15th October.

Limited indies black vinyl with signed print.
‘Moondust For My Diamond’ is the second album by Hayden Thorpe, released on Domino Recordings.
In contrast to ‘Diviner’, a critically acclaimed album steeped in solitude and fragility, ‘Moondust For My Diamond’ moves into a more natural visual and sonic palette. Hayden is interested in, he says, “the meeting point between science and religion, the grand struggle for reality that shapes so much of our time.” Thorpe has made an album that is galvanizing, reassuring, elegant and seductive: it oozes Big Cosmic Energy.
The pastoral evolution of last year’s ‘Aerial Songs’ EP hinted at an expanding palette that reflected Thorpe’s return to The Lake District, the natural environment he grew up surrounded by. These additional influences seep into ‘Moondust For My Diamond’, along with Hayden’s involvement with Wavepaths, a pioneering project integrating music into psychedelic therapy, plus ‘hybrid’ gigs and breath workshops with pioneering breath practitioner Richie Bostock. It’s those surrenders, experiments and collaborations that make this such an enticing, sensory, soul-expanding album.
Available to independent retailers on standard weight black recycled vinyl into shared printed inner sleeve and digital download card plus artist-signed screen print.

Catalogue number: WIGLP482X

Condition: New

Label: Domino

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