Heads Funk Band 'Hard World' LP

Heads Funk Band 'Hard World' LP

"Hard World" is the first of three albums released by Heads Funk Band and is one of the rarest Nigerian LPs around. What we have here is pure, well crafted Afro-Funk from a crack team of Nigerian musicians featuring Joe Castro, Eddy Offeyi, Odey and Fortune with Akwassa duo Felix Doay and Kevin Coburn. Some rumours say that both bands were made up of exactly the same personnel and musically speaking we can hear a lot of similarities. Akwassa released two incredibly rare albums, while Heads Funk Band managed to release three LPs, of which "Hard World". If polyrhythmic percussion, hard hitting bass and full bodied guitars are you thing, then take the plunge and feel the beat!

Catalogue number: PMG013LP

Condition: New

Label: PMG

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