Hellions 'Rue' LP

Hellions 'Rue' LP
Generations of people have strived for harmony since those words were written, yet were at a point in history where we seem to be more divided than ever. Perhaps the question we should be asking is: how can we overcome our struggles with one another if we don't fully understand the one raging inside ourselves? There's never been a better time for an album that explores this tussling duality that Hellions guitarist and co-lyricist Matthew Gravolin describes as ͞the co-existence of a Jekyll and Hyde operating within a person at any one time." Rue is that album, and one that builds upon the marriage of theatrical dynamics and thoughtful lyricism that defined the genre-melding Australian quartets critically acclaimed previous offering, 2016͛s third collection Opera Oblivia. The resulting record is deeper and darker, with melodies that are more beautiful, and riffs, courtesy of guitarists Matt and Josh Campiao and drummer Anthony Caruso, that are more seismic. At its heart, Rue is a concept album dealing with our journey towards lasting purpose in spite of our flaws, though its authors agree it's open to interpretation. Even the title, Rue, represents multiple things, meaning both repentance and compassion. So what do Hellions rue? ͞The complexity of the human condition and, by extension, the world in its current state of affairs, they say. The tracks on Rue are divided into the pessimistic and humanitarian sides of life. 


Catalogue number: UNFD103LP

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Label: UNFD