Humans 'Dead Shack (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)' LP

Humans 'Dead Shack (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)' LP
Pre-order. Due 15th June.

LP pressed on lavish 140gram pink vinyl.

Film available on horror streaming service Shudder.

Canadians Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade, AKA Humans, have made a name for themselves with their big and heavy indie-electro-pop compositions, such as 2015’s ‘Noontide’. Using a finely cultivated blend of synthesizers and instruments, their sound is novel and not tied down to any one genre.

For ‘Dead Shack’, Humans’ musical concoctions are haunting and evocative, arp-tinged but symphonic and rhythmic, like Kyle Dixon’s and Michael Stein’s ‘Stranger Things’ score meets the Basement Jaxx and Steven Price soundtrack to 2011’s ‘Attack The Block’.


Catalogue number: LKS35180

Condition: New

Label: Lakeshore