Jimi Tenor / Tony Allen 'Oto Live Series' LP

Jimi Tenor / Tony Allen 'Oto Live Series' LP
Pre-order. Due 10th August.


September 2016. The Moog Sound Lab’s first trip out for a live session at Café Oto’s project and café rooms. Jimi Tenor, finnish futurist, Shako and Warp Records confederate, jazzed, funked, far-ra’d out. Tony Allen – original drummer to Fela Kuti – Godfather of the Afro-Beat. These two titans of the beat strange -fed and watered through the mighty Moog Sound Lab via a prototype future sound systems drum trigger unit built and operated by UK moog minder engineer Mr Finlay Shakespeare. New sound universes emerge, collide. Explosions and implosions make sonic debris. Cosmic dancers prepare to be run ragged by a feral ‘tronic funk that brings to mind early DAF [Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft].

Catalogue number: RDM122

Condition: New

Label: Moog Recordings Library