Joke Lanz 'Plays Sudden Infant' LP

Joke Lanz 'Plays Sudden Infant' LP

Well, this is absolutely fucking crackers, isn’t it? Berlin mainstay and persistent agitant, Joke Lanz tears along the lines between DJ set and improvised noise, rhythmic electronics and electro-acoustic dream sequencing...

Lanz travels down memory lane with two decks a mixer and a dozen of old Sudden Infant vinyls to spin, scratch, manoeuvre, loop and juggle into a narrative new composition.

Recorded and mastered by Rashad Becker in Berlin, this album combines Joke Lanz’ unique turntablism and intuition for mutant-body-dramas peppered with a great sense of humour from the rhythms of amplified faders and his own breath to spoken interjections of Bryan Lewis Saunders’ dream lyrics.

“You can dance, you can cry, you can smile, you can die!”

• Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker
• Insane mixtape/improv session
• Edition of 300 copies


Catalogue number: iDEAL141