Jon Porras 'Arroyo' LP

Jon Porras 'Arroyo' LP
Limited clear vinyl.

Jon Porras draws a staggering array of atmospheres out of even the simplest instrumentation. Across his work as one-half of psych-drone duo Barn Owl and his solo releases, Porras welds monoliths and ether into propulsive music that is deeply felt. Arroyo, named for the Spanish word for “stream” in a nod to Porras’ heritage as a first generation Colombian-Japanese American, drifts gently from one tributary to the next in unhurried contemplation and euphoria. The portentous weight and abrasive textures of Porras’ previous work give way to the trickle of richly detailed acoustic instruments slipping in and out of the fold. On Arroyo, Jon Porras evokes a distinct sense of resplendent anticipation and calm with a fathomless flow and softly gorgeous colours.

For fans of Grouper, William Basinski, Caterina Barbieri, Mountains, Illyas Ahmed.


Catalogue number: THRILL563LPX

Condition: New

Label: Thrill Jockey

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