Katie Alice Greer 'Barbarism' LP

Katie Alice Greer 'Barbarism' LP
From 2012 -2019, Greer was the vocalist for Washington D.C. punk band Priests, and co-founded the record label Sister Polygon. Barbarism was written, performed, produced, and mixed entirely by Katie Alice Greer. It is profoundly singular, a graphic vision held completely by its individual perspective. It's also a boundless and lush record, teeming with bluffs, charms, and jolts. In Greer's words, making this record felt like I was making an entire world. This world is unnerving, loud. It evokes the bustle and momentum of a cartoon factory, orchestral gears threatening to grab your sleeve and yank you into a grinding embrace. Sometimes the accumulation of sound feels like a weapon in Greer's hands, other times it's a malevolent, drowning force she's fghting against. In both cases, it's fortunate that Greer has developed such command of her voice: to breeze atop this roar; to attack it in kind; to grow so crisply vulnerable that the song, shamed, twists itself into beauty.

Condition: New

Label: Four Four

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