Khana Bierbood 'Strangers From The Far East' LP

Khana Bierbood 'Strangers From The Far East' LP

Khana Bierbood (translated as Strange Brew in Thai) , formed in 2012 in Bangsaen beach in Thailand. After hours of jamming together they started to create their unique sound influenced by 60’s surf music, 70’s garage rock with Thai traditional music.

Current lineup is: Gob Yutthana (VOX, Guitar), Jay Rathchanon (Bass, backing vox), Ohm Chanutpong (Drums), Peep Sirimit (Percussion,Keys) , Mo Kittinan (Guitar)

This is their first full length LP. Produced by Go Kurasawa (Kikagaku Moyo) in Tsubame studio in Tokyo. Starting with the track ‘Rustic Song’ from the jet sound at the beginning you will realise you have arrived in Thailand. ‘Starshine’ has the surf vibe but different to the West coast surf music. The topnotch is the B1 track ‘Badtrip’ where you can hear lo-fi garage with heavy doomy fuzz jam. For fans of: Oh Sees, La Luz or Thai’s morlam music and Dengue Fever.


Catalogue number: GGB-019

Condition: New

Label: Guruguru Brain

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