Kristofer Maddigan 'Cuphead' 2xLP

Kristofer Maddigan 'Cuphead' 2xLP
Welcome to the magical realm of Cuphead - a hand-drawn, hand-painted animated miracle world where streaming services and digital dohickeys are the talk of deranged lunatics. Here, the hop-skipping soundtrack to life rotates at 33rpm, amplified by a copper-horned phonograph. It’s a masterclass in jazz from Kristopfer Maddigan, who traveled forward in time from the 1930s to ring this zippy, poppy, rambunctious and riotous big band bounty to our modern earholes. This is the “Best Of” Cuphead , lovingly curated onto a 2xLP, featuring exclusive new solos (never-before-available on vinyl).


Catalogue number: 8BIT8107

Condition: New

Label: iam8bit