Kuunatic 'Kuurandia' 12"

Kuunatic 'Kuurandia' 12"
KUUNATIC was formed in Tokyo in 2016 by three female multi-instrumentalists.
Their first EP, Kuurandia, integrates traditional Japanese music, progressive rock,
psychedelic rock, dub and B-movie horror soundtracks.
They combine primitive drumming, heavy bass lines and atmospheric keyboard
sounds with traditional Japanese instruments and three-way vocals.
The band released their first single, Roho Ulio Toweka, as a split 7” with Taiwanese fuzz psych band Crocodelia in August 2018 and had a successful Taiwanese tour in January 2019. More recently, they toured in the UK for the third time in May / June and expanded the tour to Sweden, Norway, Belgium and San Marino. Their Stockholm live show was reviewed in one of the biggest Swedish daily newspapers, Dagens Nyheter, while the early digital release of Kuurandia has attracted positive reviews from contemporary psych music publications such as Echoes and Dust and Dayz of Purple and Orange.
More tours, recordings and releases await. Seoul-based label Extra Noir is proud to add Kuunatic to their lineup of primarily Asian artists, representing the hidden
corners of the urban underground.



Catalogue number: EN005

Condition: New

Label: Extra Noir

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