Majeure 'Mass Flashback' LP

Majeure 'Mass Flashback' LP
Reviving the essence of Krautrock and classic horror soundtracks, veteran composer and multi-instrumentalist AE Paterra is back with his latest cinematic full-length as Majeure entitled Mass Flashback. Known best as one half of highly influential prog duo Zombi, the Pittsburgh area native has been performing and recording experimental music in a multitude of projects for over two decades. Majeure’s arrangements of analog synthesizers, live drums and delicate sound design sculpt a fantastic array of gripping instrumental music that sparks the imagination. From epic to abstract, Majeure’s waves of triumph and despair are orchestrated to guide Mass Flashback through a compelling journey into the cosmic recesses of the sound library and beyond.


Catalogue number: HD60

Condition: New

Label: Holodeck

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