Melvins 'Eggnog' LP

Melvins 'Eggnog' LP
Coloured vinyl.


 Originally released as a 10-inch in 1991, Eggnog is a wild
ride into the outer limits of Melvins-dom. The first side
cuts loose with three quick blasts. “Wispy” has the Lorax
(Lori Temple Black) on bass and Dale Crover on drums,
pounding one note in unison while Buzz Osborne bellows
and whispers and turns his guitar on and off. “Antitoxidote”
is a rabid horse galloping off into the desert, with yet more
stops and starts and feedback detonations. “Hog Leg”
sounds like a syphillitic Jimmy Swaggert trying to mimic
Dio while being backed by a drunken ZZ Top cover band.
Side Two features the side-long epic “Charmicarmicat,”
with seasick waves of guitar and slow-motion madness
bringing communicable disease and poisonous jellyfish
ashore, stinging and infecting the unsuspecting sunbathers
before gently washing out to sea again. 

Catalogue number: BR28

Condition: New

Label: Boner Records

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