Møl 'I / II' LP

Møl 'I / II' LP
For the first time you can own the first 2 MØL EP's remastered for vinyl. Aarhus (DK) based MØL blend swirling guitars and hissing vocals with the dreamy ambience of shoegaze to form a unique composition of soundscapes and crushing passages. Inspired by bands like My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Drop Nineteens, Lantlôs and Alcest, MØL released their self-titled debut EP back in 2014.
A year later the band perfected their sound with their second EP II, produced by Jacob Bredahl and released in 2015. Both EPs were well received and drove them on to do some emphatic live shows which were praised
by the press.
In 2018, MØL made an international breakthrough signing with Holy Roar Records (UK) who released their debut album 'JORD' on the 13th of April to critical acclaim. The record was recorded at Grapehouse Studios and mixed and mastered by Chris Kreutzfeldt.
Praise for ‘JORD’:
“It’s epic and stirring stuff. Absolutely crushing” - Daniel P. Carter , BBC Radio1 Rock Show
“JORD is one of the exhilarating blackgaze albums to drop in a long time” - Metal Hammer
“JORD has received unanimous praise and has immediately seen them heralded as one of the greatest examples of the blackgaze movement” - The Independent UK

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